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Esto Es Freeride (Translated: This Is Freeride) | A video blog by Nacho Bertona and his friends following the Freeride Sudamerica competition circuit. An artistic expression carried out by Agustín Espósito and Leandro Bruni.

Can you tell us about you and the vlog series?

We travel to different destinations in the Argentine and Chilean Andes, capturing the complete experience of South American freeriding, which is a spectacle worth witnessing. We will explore the scenic routes on both sides of the Andes Mountain range, meet friends, personalities, and figures of the circuit, visit various ski resorts, document the preparations leading the competitions, and capture the best action shots from the comps.
The two top-ranked athletes in the South American circuit earn a direct pass to the IFSA Challenger Series events in the United States and Canada as part of the final qualifying stage for the Freeride World Tour. It serves as a great motivation for everyone involved. However, we do all of this for the experience, the friendships, and the collective motivation that arises every time this South American freeriding community comes together.

What makes the Freeride Sudamerica series so special and unique?

We think that what makes it special and unique its the community. In this emerging and actively growing discipline in south America you can feel the support from your peers, everyone wants the other to do good and push the limits of the sport. Sharing housing, discussing line options, skiing the resort with the locals, having “asados” all together and enjoying others success are some of the things that make this community so special and makes you want to go to every comp. That’s one of the reasons that motivated us on making this video series and something we aim to showcase in the vlog.

What’s the best part about traveling to competitions with your amigos?

The best part is building core memories together, meeting other people and making new
amigos that share the same interest and passion for the mountains and winter.
We share so many emotions with the group that you travel with that it doesn’t matter the
results in the comps anymore, we are certain that we are going to have a good time and
remember that trip forever.

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