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Rippin’ Ladies is more than just a community; it’s a sisterhood that brings together passionate freeride women of all ages, starting from U12s and extending to adults participating in the FWQ/FWT. Our core mission is to create a welcoming and supportive environment where women with a shared love for freeriding can come together. We aim to foster a sense of belonging and empowerment among our members.

We take pride in our commitment to inclusivity, welcoming women of all skill levels and backgrounds. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting your freeriding journey, Rippin’ Ladies is the place for you. Our belief is that diversity and varied experiences enrich our collective knowledge and passion for the sport.

Within our sisterhood, we provide mentorship and encouragement, helping individuals grow and excel in freeriding while building strong connections with fellow members. Through our supportive network, we aim to inspire and empower female freeriders to reach their fullest potential, fostering both personal and collective growth within the sport.

Rippin’ Ladies is not just about conquering the slopes; it’s about conquering challenges together as a united and empowered community of freeride women. In this space, there are no limits or barriers to hold you back. If you’re a female freerider, you’re already a member of the Rippin’ Ladies community! Now, let’s get you connected!


Our Ambassadors are the driving force behind the Rippin’ Ladies’ mission to unite and empower female freeriders across all 9 of our regions. They serve as role models, mentors, and advocates, showcasing dedication and skill in the sport, offering guidance and support to others, and championing gender equality in a traditionally male-dominated field. These Ambassadors bring our events and initiatives to local communities, inspiring fellow female freeriders to push their limits and reach new heights. 

Want to get connected and apply? Contact the Series Director in your region.


We’re ready to kick off the season with the IFSA Rippin’ Ladies Virtual Series! It’s your chance to connect with Rippin’ Ladies hailing from both North and South America! We’ve got an incredible lineup of guest speakers who are absolutely stoked to be a part of this event. Join us for an unforgettable start to the season!

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