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Note: Many of your questions about the new Junior Series structure for 2024 are answered in this guide: Junior Series Quick Reference Guide


Junior Series Membership

  • For registration into any IFSA Event Junior Series athletes need both IFSA and Regional memberships.
  • Try going directly to this membership page on using a Chrome browser
  • Opt for a computer (no personal devices)
  • Look out for the first box labeled 2023-2024 Regional Dues, then scroll down to find you local Series in the list. Right below that, you’ll spot the second box for the 2023-2024 IFSA Membership. Don’t forget, you’ll need both the IFSA and Regional memberships.
  • Read up on this LiveHeats Membership Tutorial
  • Rest assured, LiveHeats won’t allow you to purchase the same memberships twice.

One-Time Membership

  • One-Time Memberships are valid for a single event only, primarily intended for new athletes exploring freeride. If attending an event outside your region, your home regional membership is all you need, and no additional purchase is necessary. If you possess a One-Time Membership with IFSA and/or regionally, LiveHeats will prevent any further entries after your initial registration.

Qualifier Series Membership

  • Qualifier Series athletes need only an IFSA membership.

Coach Membership

  •  LiveHeats did not migrate any existing coach accounts, as results are not tied to these. Please create a new account or if you have a child in LiveHeats you can add your membership to the same login.
  • Coaches need both IFSA and Regional memberships. (Regional memberships are free)
Junior athlete or parent? Many of your questions about the new structure for 2024 are answered in this guide: Junior Series Quick Reference Guide

For inquiries or assistance regarding regional memberships, questions about local freeride teams, or any regional Junior 2* event or Qualifier 1* or 2* events, kindly contact your friendly Regional Series Director, as they oversee all events within their region. Please note that IFSA exclusively handles the management of Junior 3* events and Qualifier 3* and 4* events.

LiveHeats provides registered users with an event-specific athlete dashboard, allowing them to easily check their registration status, view competitors and their seedings, and cancel their entry into an event or division. Please refer to this tutorial on how to view your Athlete Dashboard.

Junior Series

During registration for any Junior Series event, everyone will have 72 hours to register, and all athletes will be immediately put on the waitlist.


Qualifier Series

All Qualifier Series athletes will be immediately put on a waitlist when registering. The registration windows for all Qualifier Series close three weeks prior to the event date.

  • Qualifier Series: Registration Guide Coming soon!

Coach Event Registration

Coach Divisions are currently being added to all events and registration will be open and announced soon!

Encountering difficulties during the registration process? 

  • If an event does not appear to be opening at its listed time or date, please try clearing your cache. Some members have reported they did not see the registration updates we have pushed to the website because the page had been cached and they were not seeing the latest details. You can also check IFSA and Regional social media or reach out to your local Regional Series Director
  • The primary issues reported include junior athletes not possessing both an IFSA and a Regional Membership (refer to the membership tab above for details)
  • Attempting to register for a second event with a one-time event membership. One-time IFSA and Regional memberships are required only if the athlete is participating in a single event throughout the season. If you are a Full Series member aiming to compete in another IFSA region, you do not need a one-time IFSA or Regional membership. 
  • Incorrect birthdate – navigate to your profile, select athlete, and verify your birthday. Make any necessary edits as required.

If you’re attempting to log in using the “Pro Portal” button on the IFSA website, please be aware that this section is dedicated to our member discount program and is not connected to your LiveHeats account, where you manage memberships and register for events.

The rollout of the Pro Portal is currently underway for members in stages, and we’re aware of occasional issues. We’ll notify you once these problems are completely resolved. If you receive a message indicating that your membership is not valid, please be patient, as it’s likely an error, especially if you’re certain about having an active membership for the 2024 season. Keep in mind that there’s approximately a one-week delay between purchasing a membership and gaining access to the portal. Thank you for your understanding!

Managing Your Membership

LiveHeats just rolled out a new feature allowing members to view their current memberships within your LiveHeats profile! This means you can check to make sure you have all the necessary memberships without emailing your RSD or IFSA!

Since demand for event starts is very high in many regions,  the seeding list is used to determine which athletes among all the registered athletes are invited into a competition. The seeding list is formulated by an athlete’s best 3 results over the past 52 weeks. Junior Athletes who are new to competition or hold low rankings on the seeding list may not secure spots in Junior 3* Events, necessitating their initiation of point collection at 2* Events to advance on the seeding list. Similarly, Qualifier Series Athletes who are new to competition or possess low rankings on the seeding list might not secure their preferred choice of popular Qualifier 2* and 3* Events, requiring them to begin accumulating points at 1* Events to progress.

The quickest way to check seeding is to go to the “Competition” menu, select your seeding list (Adult or Junior), choose your category, enter the athlete’s name, and the seeding will be visible. The displayed seeding corresponds directly to Liveheats and is utilized for registration purposes.

Seeding not showing after you register for an event? This may be due to registering in the wrong division. For instance, if you registered as a snowboarder when you are a skier, your seed will not be visible.

Once the competition season commences in December of each year for North American athletes and in July of each year for South American athletes, the seed list becomes more dynamic! As new season results come in, old ones drop off after 52 weeks, leading to shifts in waitlists. 

In Junior 3* events, the final 10% of starts are subjective to the entire field of competition and given out three weeks before the event, and the seed list as it stands on that day is what is considered when filling the event.

Meanwhile, Junior 2* events operate with a 50% seeding and 50% timestamp system. For instance, if 20 athletes compete, 10 are seeded and 10 are timestamped.  If an athlete is seeded #11 or lower and they are not confirmed, it’s because the second 10 slots went to those with faster timestamps.

Junior 2* Events

Once the 72-hour registration window comes to a close, the top-seeded athletes will be moved off the waitlist and confirmed into 50% of the event starts. The remaining 50% of event starts will be awarded by registration timestamp.

Junior 3* Events

Once the 72-hour registration window comes to a close, the top-seeded athletes will be moved off the waitlist and confirmed into 90% of the event starts. The remaining 10% are held until three weeks before the competition, to allow athletes to move up the seeding list during the competition season. Three weeks prior to the start of a 3* event, the 10% registration window will close, and remaining top-seeded athletes will be moved off the waitlist and confirmed until the event is 100% full.

U12 Events

U12 Athletes are unseeded and have access to open registration based on timestamp. U12 athletes making the transition to 12-14 categories will be given 10 seeding points, to validate their experience in IFSA competitions, and to increase their chances of registering for 2* events.

Yes! And you do not need to purchase another membership to do so. To register for any events a Junior Athlete needs their IFSA and their local home Regional Membership (See Membership Help Tab). You do NOT need an additional one-time membership if you plan to attend out-of-region IFSA events. Please note, several regions close regional registrations to outside regions for the first 72 hours of registration and only open to all regions if spots are available after. Please contact that region’s Regional Series Director to confirm.

IFSA Cancellation Policies:

Please review IFSA’s Cancellation Policies in the Athlete Handbooks or here

Waitlist Cancellation:

To support your fellow athletes on the waiting list, please cancel your registration as soon as possible if you cannot attend. To learn how to cancel your registration please refer to this tutorial



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